Who Made God?

Just finished Edgar Andrews' excellent book "Who Made God - Searching for a Theory of Everything". This is definitely worth a read, I enjoyed it immensely. Its not often I say that about books by creationists about science. I usually think they do a much better job of demolishing evolution than they do of stating their own case. Andrews is the best at a (nearly) popular that I have come across.

One thing is for sure - nobody can say Andrews doesn't know his science, or how to popularise it. Emeritus professor of Materials at London University and ex-dean of engineering at Queen Mary's College London, he is exceptionally sure-footed but simultaneously whimsical and fun to read. He doesn't engage in polemic with new atheism so much as wry and knowledgeable poking at its sacred cows. (Can you poke sacred cows?). He starts with the biblical God as a hypothesis and then asks whether scientific observation of the world more naturally coheres with this hypothesis or the various hypotheses of the new atheist movement. Along the way showing in some detail (no doubt to the annoyance of many) that a lot of what is claimed as science in support of atheism is in fact worldview, supposition, mathematical modelling without real world counterparts or smokescreen-dressed-as-science.

The book could do with a concluding chapter that ties all its themes together, and the final chapters on Man are not quite as strong as the ones on God, but this doesn't stop it being an excellent contribution for the intelligent scientific layman.