Leaders as Change-Agents Part 6

One last comment on leaders bringing change.

There are two factors to any organisational life that will either work in favour of change or will resist it. These two factors are:


  • Organisational vision
  • Organisational culture


At the end of the day we can have as much biblical vision as we like but if our church culture leads people to dig their heals in then it is impossible to put it into practice.

Each of these factors bears on the other, but in most churches it is culture that constrains vision, not eh other way around. If the culture is steadfastly reactionary you won't be able to do anything. If the culture is pioneering then you won't be able to stop people.

Therefore the leader who wants to bring change has to work at changing the church culture where necessary as well as communicating vision. Only at the point where cultural expectations and vision expectations meet are there actual, workable outcomes.

Are you able to identify the chief factors that make up your church culture? Do they encourage or restrict gospel-driven change? Why? What do you need to do to bring the church culture in line with pioneering gospel vision?