Do Reformed Charismatics Have an Image Problem? - Again...

If you didn't see the previous conversation here about whether reformed charismatics have an image problem, you might like to follow this link to the previous post.

I have recently met conservatives whose ONLY experience of those who call themselves charismatics has been either:

1. Health and prosperity false teachers; or

2. People who have treated them venemously and damaged their ministries; or

3. People who have no concern for doctrine and who are therefore not rooted (nor concerned to be rooted) in the scriptures

Or some combination of all three.

If that is your only experience of charismatics no wonder you want to run a mile. I want to run a mile. I don't want anything to do with any of that. All reformed charismatics want to distance themselves utterly from any such thing.  

The question I want to put is this: how do reformed charismatics help more conservative folk understand them and relate well to them. You might ask if that is even necessary? Why bother, let's just get on with the gospel work in each of our corners. For gospel unity and wider evangelisation of the UK I really think it is necessary. Maybe I am in a minority, I don't know.

But if you would like to comment, I would like to hear from charismatics: how do you think conservative brothers and sisters could best be helped to relate well with us? And from non-charismatics: how would you like to be helped? 

Keep comments kind and winsome please