Fruitful Leaders

My new book, Fruitful Leaders - How to make, Grow, Love and Keep Them - is due out next month. I am encouraged and excited by the comments coming in from leaders around the UK:


"Given the growing leadership crisis across the churches, this book provides a refreshing and realistic agenda for healthy and productive change in churches large and small. Here’s an approach that will release many more people into effective Christian ministry of all kinds: I highly commend it."

Jonathan Lamb

 Director of Langham Preaching, Langham Partnership International, and chairman of the Keswick Convention

"Marcus Honeysett’s book rings with the passion of a disciple who loves God, his gospel, and his people.  He insists that the most fundamental quality needed in authentic spiritual leadership is a constantly refreshed love relationship with the Lord, bubbling up into joy and worship.  He tackles honestly the challenges to that, and offers practical, compassionate wisdom to deal with them.  He urges churches to invest deeply in developing a new generation of godly leaders, an acute need throughout the global church, as well as caring for current leaders. Read this book – and buy copies for your own church leaders." 

Rose Dowsett

 OMF International, and Vice-Chair of the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission