Captured by Delight; 2 Cor 2:14

Christians are captives, that's Paul's contention in 2:14. Being a captive is a terrible thing in any other circumstance except this one. Because the one who owns us is Love himself. Grace and Truth himself. We are captured by the sacrifice of the God-of-infinite-joy-and-eternal-delight. Anyone who doesn't want to be captured by him is - literally - insane. They are destroying their lives by denying the source of joy. Only crazy people do that.

Therefore it is impossible to not enjoy being a Christian. If you see people claiming Christ-allegiance who neve display any delight, you are either looking at a parody of the real thing, or some distortion, or some counterfeit from Satan. When you meet people - or churches - who clearly don't hold the Lord in high esteem with their affections there is, at best, something missing or some deficient teaching they have received, or some character trait that is preventing them from having a properly Christian worship life. (NB I am not commenting on how those with depression find it difficult to experience joy here). And at worst some deceit that has persuaded them that Christianity is merely about duty, submission, drudgery and what they have to do because they are forced to. Or maybe you are seeing non-Christians with a veneer of churchianity. 

Praying that this post will help someone fall on their knees and express their delight in God to him.