The Unquenchable Flame

I've just taken delivery of Mike Reeves superb new introduction to the Reformation The Unquenchable Flame. I am struggling to put it down - it's a great read, and an easy one. It reads like an adventure story.

Anyone who doesn't know Mike ought to get to know him, or at least his writing. A brilliant mind combined with a zest for accessible story-telling, with a gentle, kind wit and affections keenly set on God. I don't think Mike would describe himself as a Reformed Charismatic (correct me if I am wrong, Mike), but he ought to be well-known and read and liked in that constituency. 

Sadly the thing that I enjoyed most so far in the book is the reminder of Luther's relationship with his wife, the feisty ex-nun Katharina Von Bora: "In domestic affairs I defer to Katie. Otherwise I am led by the Holy Spirit!!" There is hardly a single married preacher in the world who doesn't relate to that!

If you have never read anything about the Reformation I guarantee you will enjoy this book. All Christians ought to know what happened and why at this crucial point in church history, otherwise we have no hope of understanding today's church or why key truths like Justification by Faith are so vital.