I notice a good number of new visitors have come to the blog this week. I suspect that some may have come for a quick look to see if I - and Christians in general - make a case defending genocide, following some accusatory comments on other blogs. 

If you have stopped by for that reason, a warm welcome to you, but I am sorry to disappoint. Every true Christian not only thinks that genocide is indefensible but completely repudiates any charge that we think anything to the contrary. We abhor evil, as do all right-thinking people.

If you have the opportunity to gently encourage others in the blogosphere to not wilfully (and mischievously) report Christians as believing wicked things that we don't believe, that would be much appreciated. The blogosphere is clearly a great place for reasoned debate and discussion between people who do not agree. When we do so, let's do it plain, straightforward and kind ways, avoiding anything underhand or malicious.