The Joy of the Lord

Brief post this morning as I am off to speak to London City Mission. The subject they have given me is "Enjoying God." Oh, yes!

Here is an equation that I often think about:

  • Effective Christian living for Jesus flows from the joy of the Lord. It is a consequence of it
  • In turn the joy of the Lord is a consequence of justification, receiving grace and living in grace (Romans 5)
  • Therefore we will dwell a great deal on justification and God giving us righteous status in Christ if we want to live joyfully and victoriously as Christians

Here is another variant on the same theme:

Receiving and living in grace = Living by the Holy Spirit --------> (leads to) Reigning in life (Rom 5:17) ------> enjoying God

It is all about grace in the end. No grace, no joy in God. No Holy Spirit, no joy. No reigning in life, no joy.

Seek him for grace today, and rejoice in all he has done for you in Christ