Pastoral Refreshment


The Pastoral Refreshment Conference is just a couple of months away and I am getting excited about it. For anyone who hasn't come across the conference it is a unique thing. It's not about leadership skill or theology, it's about the soul care for leaders and spouses. Main speaker Andrew Page is the person whose ministry I would most have liked to have been under myself. After 20 years leading Innsbruck Baptist Church he isn't so well known in the UK but is one of the best Bible teachers in Europe. He is speaking on joy, struggles and growth in discipleship in leadership.

Second speaker Tom Chapman brings a particular down to earth take on the subject of "building faith that endures in leadership" from his own struggle with cancer. Previous pastoral addresses at the conference opened up leaders' hearts to God like almost nothing I have seen. We are praying it will be the same this February.

All with tons of prayer, unhurried worship, good friends. My favorite comments from last year were "this is the friendliest conference I have ever been on" and "the only place I have ever felt truely at home as the wife of a leader."

There are still spaces. If you are a leader, or if you know leaders who would love to get some good investment in their walk with the Lord, then download a booking form for more info.

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