Pastoral Refreshment Conference 2010


I am getting the publicity together for the 2010 Pastoral Refreshment Conference. Its not quite ready yet, but its never too soon to tell you about it. If you haven't come across the conference, its a real oasis for leaders (and spouses), that's been described as really refreshing people's purpose in leadership, the place that spouses of church leaders have ever felt most welcome, and the friendliest conference people have ever attended.

If three days of enjoying the love of God and seeking Him for his grace in leadership, with lots of prayer, worship, great food and great countryside sound enticing then book 1-3 Feb 2010 in your diary and ask for an application form. Preaching this year comes from Dick Dowsett (OMF) on the joy of the Lord is your strength, along with a good variety of genuinely helpful, practical seminars for our walk with the Lord as leaders.

As one delegate said last year: I tell all my friends "come, come, if you have to steal my car to get there, then do it!" Its the conference I most want to be at. Come in, the water's lovely!

And if you aren't in leadership, why not send your church leader (and spouse) as a Christmas present?