Pastoral Refreshment Conference 2 Weeks On

A big thank you to everyone who prayed for the conference. God graciously blessed us greatly. Here is how one vicar who attended for the first time described his experience in a press review:


Living in a ‘how to’ age it is a relief to come across a Christian conference designed to serve all those involved in Gospel ministry (yes, wives are included) which is concerned with refreshing the soul, focusing on being a certain person under the Lord rather than doing certain things for the Lord. What proved to be one of the best gatherings I have been to in years, the Pastoral Refreshment Conference is unique and a blessing. It is billed as; ‘enjoying God, receiving refreshment and being encouraged’ we had all three in bucket loads!

The atmosphere was warm, friendly and relaxed- the aim was to take the pressure off busy pastors and their wives. The Bible teaching was rich and realistically applied by Dick Dowsett, with the most pertinent illustrations drawn from a vast and extensive ministry around the world. The times praise and prayer were  terrific. The seminars were optional and dealt with the real world of Gospel ministry- stress and burnout, cultivating friendships, how we change and grow as Christians (but if you wanted to go for a walk or read or sleep instead you could do so without incurring a look of disapproval or left feeling guilty). Genuine friendships were made, old ones rekindled and the shear delight of knowing God and serving his people were experienced afresh.

This is a spiritual oasis which is a must for Evangelical leaders today.


Praise God for using weak, inadequate people to serve his church.