Parable for Preachers 3

"It is safe to fly - open up the airspace" said the airline boss.

"It isn't safe to fly - keep the airspace closed" said the air traffic controllers.

"Just stay put till they send the navy" another commentator offered.

I'm no expert. Just a tourist who wants to get home. How should I decide who to trust in a world of competing voices and opinions?

Trust and credibilty are close bedfellows. Therefore I go with the air traffic controllers. They aren't commercially motivated and are holding out for safety against huge economic and political pressure. They have no interest except the good of the public. The navy sounds interesting but as yet I have no evidence.

The option I am going to avoid if at all possible was suggested on CNN: that the UK should dispatch Nick Clegg, walking on the water, to lead all the stranded Brits safely home.