More on Fruitful Leaders

More comments are coming in about Fruitful Leaders:

"This book is practical, passionate and biblical.  A must read for anyone in leadership at a local church.  Applying the principles outlined in this book could seriously change your life and ministry."

Lyndon Bowring


"Feel blunt as a leader? Unsure of your mission? Is dullness or weakness creeping in? Marcus' book will serve as a bracing refreshment and a warm encouragement, strengthening your soul and sharpening your vision."

Simon Virgo


Here is an outline of the contents:

  1. God loves your church
  2. What is spiritual leadership?
  3. Clear, dig and nurture (ie create an environment in which leaders grow)
  4. Developing yourself as a leader
  5. Leaders who love the Holy Spirit and the Bible
  6. Caring for yourself as a leader
  7. You could be a leader-maker
  8. Look out, there's a cliff (why there is an urgent need to raise up leaders)
  9. How to love and encourage spiritual leaders
  10. Let your leaders lead
  11. Conclusion: spiritual leadership to the glory of God
  12. Afterword by Tim Chester: a vision for lifelong learning