Which God Do You Choose?

Great quote from Jonathan Edwards this morning. A healthy test for how our hearts are towards God is to whom do we cling when we are in bad straits:

A man's choice determines his state. He who chooses God for his portion and prefers him above all other things, is a godly man because he chooses and worships him as God. To respect him as God is to respect him above all other things. If any man respects him as God, his God he is.

.......Enquire, therefore, how it is with you, whether you prefer God above all other things. It may be sometimes be difficult for people to determine this to their satisfaction. Ungodly people may be deluded with false affections; godly people in dull frames may be at a loss about it.

When you have occasion to manifest by your practice which you prefer - when you must cling to one or the other, and must forsake other things or forsake God - is it your manner, practically speaking, to prefer God above all other things, even to those earthly things to which your hearts are most wedded?