What is Faith?; Heb 11:1-12:3 part 2

Hebrews 11 gives lots of examples of what faith does, plus 6 teachings about the nature of faith in God. I will list what faith does in the next post, but here are the 6 teachings:

1. Faith is what makes us believe and act with certainty about things we don't see and haven't yet received (v1). This is not irrational. It is like acting on the basis of a promisory note, which people do all the time in business and commerce

2. Faith pleases God because acting on it shows that we believe that he exists and rewards those who seek him (v6)

3. Faith makes you continue to walk with God and trust his promise even if you haven't received it by the time you die (v13). We do this because the reality of the promise of faith extends beyond death. People who do this show they are looking for a city, a country that God has prepared for them (v14)

4. Faith that waits on God when the promised fulfilment delays beyond our physical life span are commended by God (v39)

5. Faith is given by, and perfected by Jesus Christ (12:2)

6. Faith stops us losing heart in the face of opposition (12:3)