To Blog or Not To Blog

A final post before going on holiday for a couple of weeks. 

The last few days have been interesting for me as a blogger. You may have picked up how a post I wrote was pretty badly twisted and misreported around the blogosphere. I decided to take it down this morning because it seemed to be generating more heat than light. 

It's made me think about the limitations of the medium. I guess blogging is much more open to twisting or mis-reporting than a book. It is much less nuanced. And therefore is a place for great care when addressing sensitive themes if we don't wish to be repeated out of context. 

One of the ancient Greeks - I can't remember which - said something to the effect of "if it isn't true, or helpful, or kind then don't say it." I think that's a good maxim for blog posts. We can say true things unkindly, or kind things that aren't true, or true things that are unhelpful, or any combination. But if it fails one of those tests we should ask if it might be better left unsaid. Let's try to make all evangelical blogging reflect all three.