This Button Performs No Function

I've just seen a bizarre thing. I have been photocopying handouts for tomorrows MA classes here at WEST. Photocopiers hate me and this one is no exception. Its a super smart one. I expect it would teach the class for me if only I knew which buttons to press. I couldn't even find the correct combination to switch it off when I had finished.

In the process I pressed every button I could find including one that was unmarked. When I did, a little digital sign lit up saying "this button has no function." How weird is that? Not only to put a button without a function on a high end copier, but to programme it to tell me that it has no function! (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy fans may recall Arthur pressing a button on a space ship that lit up a sign saying "please do not press this again." The copier made me feel I had slipped into a parallel universe of the absurd).

Strangely during the class today more than one student has reflected that 80% of the work in their church is done by 20% of the people. All of whom are overworked. That means that 80% of the people God intends to be doing the works of ministry in that church aren't. It is working at 20% efficiency. Or less, in fact, seeing as the 20% are carrying the 80%.

If you poke one of the 80% a little sign should light up saying "this attendee has no function." Anyone who knows they aren't participating in the purpose of the church to magnify God ought to ask right now "what does God want me doing? If I continue to be a passive receiver not only am I damaging the church, but I am not fulfilling the purpose God has for my life."