Small Group Barnabasses 4

Intentional encouragement for growth

I want to give you my 4 As of encouragement. You get an expectation of growth in an environment where there is:

Assessment – encouragement to consider “where am I currently?” Not threatening. People may and will be in very good standing with the Lord, but getting them to not be just satisfied with where they are but want to move on starts with knowing where we are now

Aspiration – dreaming dreams about what God could do with you. About how we might know, love and serve him better. Vision, asking where we would like to be with him, how we would like to grow, what gifts we would like to develop in his service, so that we can start to prayerfully seek him for growth

Advancement – helping those in your flock decide what next steps they want to take with Christ that get them from one to the other

Accountability – aid in helping them walk the walk. To share with someone else that they trust and respect the steps they want to take with God and to take a measure of responsibility for encouraging them to keep at it


Let's finish these posts with a question: what would you ask to help someone consider what steps of faith God might be calling them to take next? Maybe some of these might be useful:

  • what excites you or brings you joy in your Christian walk?
  • what do you dream about doing for God?
  • where do you most want to see growth in your life?
  • in what areas do you want to see progress in the battle with sin?
  • what gifts or skills would you like to grow in exercising for God?