Security or adventure?

Nigel Pollock writes on his blog:

I am constantly amazed at how many people choose security and the known at the expense of adventure and faith. When and why did you decide that you were "Not the kind of person who...."?

I think this is almost THE discipleship question. The person who - wittingly or unwittingly - chooses (apparent) security does so precisely at the expense of adventure and faith. You can't have both. You can have this world's security OR you can follow.

Reflecting on C.S.Lewis Dave Bish recently posted that if you want to see trains you need to live next to the railway. Similarly if you want to see miracles you need to live out your life where faith in action is required. It's no good saying "I don't see any trains" if you don't want to live where the trains are.

The most pertinent thing about Nigel's comment is that it is a choice. A decision. Lots of people in our congregations have decided "I am not the kind of person who lives by faith rather than by sight." Part of the work of shepherds is to get them to undecide it and come with us where the adventure of faith is going on.

Pity the congregation in which the shepherds have also made the wrong choice.


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