Random Questions For Christian Leaders

I'm wiling away a few minutes in the Royal Festival Hall in London, enjoying their excellent free wifi and realising how long I have been away from blogging. Am going to try to return more regularly. Here, as a start are a few completely random questions for leaders o ask themselves that are on my mind today:

What is God doing in your life at the moment?
How is your worship and prayer life?
Are the sources of spiritual input available to you adequate for your discipleship and leadership?
How goes it with your home - are you living in the love of God there?
Are you acceding to requests and demands to do things that are outside what you should be doing?
Are you or your congregation confusing what leaders do with what the whole church should be doing? What is the package of care that you have for your soul, your spiritual growth and your marriage?
Does your church have a disproportionate number of passive receivers - if so what are you missing or what has gone wrong?
What are you seeking to disciple people in - practically?
Do you have capacity to invest in new leaders?
Are you enjoying grace at the moment?
Are you excited about Jesus?
Does your church want to grow as it should - if not what has gone wrong?
Are you working 60+ hours every week - if so why?
Is your church's vision to be a grace-filled community of disciple-making disciples - if not, why not?