On Squirrels and such like

Mark Driscoll writes in his 'On the Old Testament' :

"The opening line of the scriptures introduces us to its hero. Through the pages of this scripture God is revealed. In the closing line of the New Testament scriptures we are reminded that the God who is the hero of the scriptures is Jesus Christ" (p34)

Yet, for all the screaming obviousness that the Bible is about God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) somehow we miss it.

In the New Testament Jesus makes some very bold claims about the Old Testament.

1. The books of Moses are about Jesus (John 5v46) and the way to respond is to believe.

2. All the promises are fulfilled in Jesus (2 Corinthians 1v20) - however unreliable people are God's promises are firm.

3. The books of Moses and the prophets are about Jesus (Luke 24v27) and if we're reading it right our hearts will be burning within us.

Moreover - the apostles in Acts seem to focus their activity on proving that Jesus is the Christ from the Old Testament scriptures. It's nice in theory, the question is how.

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