More Edwards

Is there anyone out there who isn't into Jonathan Edwards yet? If not, why not? Is it because his writing tends to come in very big books with very small print (and very long 18th Century sentences)? Find some ways round that. Read aloud, read with others, read small chunks and discuss. But read! You will struggle to find Christian writing that is more thoughful, more full of God, more dynamic for your spiritual life and more relevant and up to date with the needs of believers and the church today.

Here is Edwards on the importance of worshipping and adoring God:

The internal acts and principles of the worship of God, or the worship of the heart, in love and fear, trust in God, and resignation to him, etc, are the most essential and important of all duties of religion whatsoever; for therein consists the esence of all religion.

But of this inward religion there are two sorts of external manifestations or expressions. To one sort belong outward acts of worship...

To the other sort belong expressions of our love to God, by obeying his moral commands, self-denial, righteousness, meekness, and Christian love, in our behaviour among men. The latter are of vastly the greatest importance in the Christian life; God makes little account of the former in comparison of them [emphasis mine]

Jonathan Edwards, Thoughts on the Revival, Section 3