Love the people. Love the word of God.

A couple of things I've stumbled upon thanks to Justin Taylor:
Keller and Powlison: Should You Pass on Bad Reports?: "You never have all the facts. And you never have all the facts you need all at once. You are never in a position to see the whole picture, and therefore when you hear the first report, you should assume you have far too little information to draw an immediate conclusion... when you hear a negative report about another, you must keep it from passing into your heart as though it were true. If you pass judgment based on hear-say, you are a fool. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out the facts. Go to the person. Hear other witnesses... take pains to maximize boots-on-the-ground interpersonal relationships."

Mark Driscoll notes a conversation with Wayne Grudem: "...every issue ultimately hinges on one’s view of the inerrancy, authority, and truthfulness of Scripture in every way. He encourages all young Christian leaders to make sure that deep within them is a love for and trust in every word of Scripture as God’s perfect revelation to us."
Love for people. Love for the word of God. The two go together.