Living Leadership - The Book

I have just pressed the send button to finally deliver the manuscript of my next book to IVP. I can never do that without a sense of possibilities, nervousness and excitement, all rolled together. When you appear in book form (and, I guess, on blogs) people start to have an image of you that doesn't relate to reality. It is easy to believe unnecessarily bad press, and easy to believe unnecessarily positive publicity too. 

In case your interested, the working title is "Living Leadership - Growing Vibrant Leaders in Your Local Church." Which doesn't leave much to the imagination. The chapters cover:

  1. God loves your local church
  2. What is spiritual leadership?
  3. Clear, Dig, Nurture (ie creating a fertile environment to grow leaders)
  4. Developing yourself as a spiritual leader
  5. Leaders who love the Holy Spirit and the Bible
  6. Caring for yourself as a leader
  7. You could be a leader-maker
  8. How to love and encourage spiritual leaders
  9. Let your leaders lead
  10. Conclusion: spiritual leadership to the glory of God

And Tim Chester has contributed a great afterword on lifelong learning and community for leaders

Look out for it in the summer next year and pray it will be really useful