Jesus is the New Israel Part 3


More from John’s gospel on Jesus fulfilling big themes from the Old Testament:

·         He fulfils the promise of the Spirit for new birth (3:5ff, cf Ezekiel 36)

·         He is the one by whom people are made clean from sin, no longer by ceremonial washing (3:22ff)

·         Therefore he is the one who finally removes God’s wrath, longed for for aeons (3:36)

·         Jacob (who was renamed Israel) was the father of the 12 tribes. Jesus is greater than him (4:12-14)

·         He is the centre of the worship of God, no longer in a geographical place but by Spirit and truth (4:21)

·         (once again) he is the Messiah (4:26)

·         He begins to draw the ten tribes who were destroyed in 722BC and became the Samaritans back to God (4:39-42)

·         The lame are healed, the blind see, and Jesus says it is because he is the ultimate agent of Yahweh in judgement and salvation (ch5)

·         He is the fulfilment of the Passover and feeding by God in the desert (6:1-15)

·         He is the fulfilment of the Red Sea crossing rescue by God (6:16-21)

·         He is the true bread from heaven, greater than the manna in the desert (6:25ff, esp 48-51)

Isn’t he amazing? I hope your heart is worshipping him today