Jesus Is Risen!

Holy affections have a governing power in the course of a man's life. A statue may look very much like a real man, and a beautiful man; yea it may have, in its appearance to the eye, the resemblance of a very lively, strong and active man; but yet an inward principle of life and strength is wanting; and therefore it does nothing, it brings nothing to pass, there is no action or operation to answer the show. False discoveries and affections don't go deep enough, to reach and govern the spring of men's actions and practice.

Jonathan Edwards


I believe in the bodily, real resurrection of Jesus Christ, a shade under 2000 years ago in Palestine. I believe that the God-Man has conquered death and has done so as the representative leader and mediator for all people who want to be part of His new humanity. 

How should that make me feel? What would Edwards say are the appropriate holy affections that should rise up in me, making me delight, making me revere, making me worship, govern the course of my life in response to such a mind-boggling and tremendous reality?

Clearly any feeling I can possibly feel in response is going to be pitifully too small. In the face of this radiance - more brilliant than the sun - I must bow prostrate, I must adore, I must explode with delight. JESUS IS ALIVE!! And can I not jump and sing and exult and enthuse? If I can't do that at Easter of all days, then there is something critically impoverished, sick, unbiblical and ungodly about my affections for God. My response needs to be as close as I can get to the infinite beauty, value and excitement of the reality revealed. 

What a good time to linger in the presence of God. What a good time to enjoy God. Churches and Christians beware of dull or formulaic praise at all times, but most especially at Easter.