How to Grow Spiritually

Lindsay Brown (IFES, UCCF, Lausanne), likes to say that if you want tips on how to grow spiritually, then whenever you meet a mature Christian leader you should ask them:

  • What books have been most influential in helping you grow. What was it about them that really helped you? (and then get some and read them!)
  • Tell me about your personal devotions? How do you keep your walk with the Lord vital and energised? 

Great questions. They make me think that leaders should more naturally be in the habit of sharing what we read and how we follow the Lord in our devotions, and that our congregations should get into the habit of asking us. Perhaps in British Christianity we are so afraid of the dangers of personality cults that surround leaders that we avoid asking questions like these for fear of setting them, or ourselves, up for a fall.

But perhaps, too, us leaders aren't very good at sharing because we aren't very good at maintaining energised, consistently growing walks with the Lord. If we are reluctant to share what God has done - and is currently doing - in our lives as examples and models for others, maybe we need to ask ourselves some serious questions.

The question "what is God doing in your life at the moment?" has come to be seen in too many circles as a little bit super-spiritual. A bit too touchy-feely. Or a bit too personal and embarrassing (after all, what if the person can't think of anything - it could look like I am suggesting their Christian walk is inadequate by asking the question).

If fact this question should be the commonest of common currency among us. Lets recover a deep desire to see God at work every day in each other's lives.