Growing as Leaders

My wife is my best and most loving critic. She recently caught me writing a comprehension question on Isaiah: "for a fun exercise figure out how many children Isaiah had." Leaning over my shoulder she said "you are a weird, sad man and the only person in the world who thinks that is fun." Well, OK. Maybe in another post I might explain why the number of Isaiah's children is profoundly important for a clear new Testament understanding of what it means for Jesus to be Immanuel, but you might like to figure it out for yourself.

Which is by way of introducing a recent resource I wrote for small group leaders who would like to evaluate how they are growing as leaders. I wanted to get some objective questions down on paper for people to reflect on their development. My wife said "that is the worst resource you have ever produced and nobody will like it." She is usually right.

But I like it and thought I would share it for what it's worth. I hope you might find some of the reflection questions challenging, even if you never use the sheet as a whole.

Click here for the PDF