Experiencing the Resurrection Life

Wow, I have neglected the blog for too long. Life has been a bit frantic. 

My good friend Sam Allberry asked for a review of his new book: Lifted - Experiencing the Resurrection Life. Which I am very happy to do.

It's a great book. Better still, it is a really accessible and readable book, just four chapters long. And it isn't just a theoretical book. The theology is deep but it is practical, well applied to our lives and will enthrall any reader with how living in the light of the resurrection brings assurance, transformation, hope and mission. It would be a great addition to any church bookstall and is one of my top reads-for-every-Christian so far this year.

it is interesting that God called Sam to write on the resurrection at exactly the same time as another friend - Adrian Warnock (NB for the eagle-eyed, not Arian Warnock as previously printed! He isn't Arian, not even a little bit) - has written another brilliant book on the subject "Raised With Christ". The two books go really well together, with Sam’s being a juicy starter and Adrian’s a chunky main course. Both will warm your heart and drive you to thankfulness and worship.

Put Sam and Adrian's books at the top of your Easter must-read