Bish on secular Myths

GREAT post and comments at the Blue Fish on whether secularism, a la Richard Dawkins, can claim objectivity and intellectual neutrality for itself. Here is an excerpt:

We're all inclined to think that we're objective and that everyone else is biased. I'm sure Christians fall into this trap forgetting that there are presuppositions we've adopted based upon the work of God in revealing himself in Scripture and in our hearts by his Spirit. The secular mindset seems prone to it too. Richard Dawkins does this by viewing his scientific view as utterly unbiased and untained by 'faith'. Are we neutral?

Alistair McGrath notes at [John] Hick appears to labour under the misunderstanding that where Christian frameworks are biased, those of liberalism are neutral and disinterested. as he comments on the popular Blind men around an Elephant story used by many to show how naive religion is. McGrath, and more so, Amy Orr-Ewing (But is it real? p26) expose the arrogance of this perspective.

Nice writing, Dave. The whole post here