Bible Enjoyed

What would a "Bible Enjoyed" Course look like? The idea is for something basic to help people learn to feed themsleves and take responsibility for their own spiritual growth. A step on from Discipleship Explored, but easily accessible to all and designed to get people excited about the Bible rather than just technically able with it. Maybe something that is as applicable for a believer who has been stalled for a long time and has lost their spiritual sense of taste as for a more recent believer who doesn't know how to take the next step.

What would you give them? Why not post your bullet point list as a comment and let's swap lots of ideas. If you want to know where this discussion started see the previous post on where the plateaux come in the Christian life. Where is it that people tend to stall and how do we help them move on. I noted there that a key factor is to help people move from being fed by others to feeding themselve. Dave Bish's contributed a thought about something a bit like a cook along show - "come with me and enjoy the Bible with me as I enjoy it" kind of thing.

The floor is yours...