The Saturday Times claims that what sort of person you really are is revealed by your favourite computer typeface. Here is what your typeface says about you:

  • The person who prefers Times New Roman is a default person who can’t be bothered to explore life’s drop-down options
  • The elegant Bodoni font is for wanabee Italians whose life goal is to own a Vespa and live in Islington
  • Comic Sans reveals that you desperately want to be loved and considered nice but you cry a lot at home on your own
  • The tasteful and design conscious use Gill Sans and have too much brushed aluminium in their kitchen
  • Verdana is used by people who design web-sites, never see the sun, spend lots of time blogging and don’t knowingly read books
  • Rockwell Stencil Extra Extra Bold is for people who speak in wild west accents, drive 4x4s, wear Stetsons and live in Essex. They may be dangerous