formation%20cover.jpgI LOVE Formation! Spent yesterday mailing publicity and booking forms for Formation 08-09 to all the churches who participate in Living Leadership's trainee leaders' programme.

Its a programme with some big differences. For a start the major distinctive is encouraging grace-filled servant-hearted character in the life and work of young leaders. For sure there is plenty of Bible and skills training as well, but godly character for leadership is the bedrock.

And then I love having training for junior leaders that includes things like how to lead out of a heart of forgiveness. I don't know anywhere else that happens. And what leaders don't need that?

And I love a training with a very high ratio of leaders to delegates becasue all the church leaders want to come and share life on life with juniors over the kitchen sink, as well as deliver training from the front. And I love the breadth of generous evangelical backgrounds working brilliantly together.

I love Formation! It looks like its going to be strongly subscribed this coming year, but if you are interested follow this link to the Living Leadership site and take a look at what its all about. We will try to get as as many as we can in.