Has God's Word Failed?

Been doing some work recently on Romans 9-11. Paul's Q&A around the big question of whether God's word to his old covenant people has failed. And, therefore, around the question of whether it might fail to his new covenant people. Does he keep his promises, in other words, or is he fickle and capricious?

Click here for a brief overview of the structure and how I think the Q&A works.

(Incidentally, for anyone for whom the idea of Paul doing a Q&A seems a little peculiar (it shouldn't - he hired a lecture hall for two years!), compare with Romans 6-7 (4 application questions from doctrinal teaching, in identical format with answers that all begin in identical format) and Galatians 3:19-22. In both instances he pre-empts questions by asking himself the obvious objections people might raise to his own teaching, and then answering them)