God Works When We Are Unaware

Spoke at the (brilliant) Christian Union at Guys Hospital in London yesterday, on Daniel 4. The CU are a great bunch - passionate about medicine, passionate about Christ, passionate about sensitively telling their friends and continuing to do so even when they have heavy exam burdens. Go GKT CU! It reminded me how great CUs can be, how essential for campus witness and Christian growth.

It also reminded me how influential CUs are for evangelical unity. People from lots of church backgrounds were meeting, worshipping, praying, learning and evangelising together. CU is one of the very few places this ever happens. Over the last years lots of people have been sceptical about CUs, some even to the point of aggressive hostility. And yet some of those same people wonder and worry about why the evangelical world is increasingly fragmented. If we have any concern for wider unity, CUs should receive as much encouragement as we can give them.

The most encouraging thing for me came right at the end at the end of the evening, as I was on my way out. A student told me that last time I spoke there a non-Christian friend found God powerfully speaking to them through the Bible and gave their life to Christ later that evening. Unless the student had said I would never have known. I love it when God shows later on that he was at work when we knew nothing about it. It gives great confidence that on the occasions when we never find out later, He is still working to bring Himself glory all over the world and to save sinners.