Champions' League Final

Tomorrow is final day in the Champion's League. Watching the news today some poor reporter had been dispatched to Manchester Airport at a grisly time in the morning to interview out-going fans. They were all bleary-eyed but excited.

The reporter asked one pair of fans "what does it mean to you to go to this match in Moscow?"

One replied "not getting very much sleep. I've flown in from Scotland already, but you do what you have to do." His friend added "this is so important. We would go to the ends of the earth to see United play. This is something you don't miss."

What a picture of dedication! I like that kind of commitment to a cause. But it does make me wonder whether lots of Christians I know are as dedicated to the worldwide fame of God and the worldwide spread of the gospel, as Manchester United fans are to the worldwide fame of their football club. It was clearly taking all their money and lots of their free time. It was way more than a leisure pursuit to them. It was a cause, a community and a life commitment.

Jesus said "go into all the world and make disciples." Am I less committed to that than these men were to going to the ends of the earth to glorify Manchester?