Welcome to my blog. I am someone who loves Jesus and is trying to figure out how to be one of his disciples. Sometimes I find that easy, more often not. I love God's Word the Bible but can struggle to understand it. Even when I think I do I can struggle even more to obey it and put it into practice. Maybe you are like that too.

I have been involved in some form of Christian ministry for over twenty years. My motto was given to me by my first boss: "encourage the good wherever you find it". As a result I love encouraging others. Its great to walk on the road with Jesus together.

One of the things I try to think about is how to be a wise leader. I've tried being a busy, active leader, an intellectual, slightly-too-clever-for-my-own-good leader and a Bible-teaching, writing, upfront-at-conferences kind of leader. But I've often known deep down that it's easier to teach what the Bible says than to submit to its authority in every area of my life. And it's easier to have the appearance of wisdom, prayerfulness and godliness rather to actually have them.  I bet I could fool you! Most people can after we've been in Christian leadership a while.

This is not a blog about me - the world can do without that! I write it mainly to help me think about knowing God and being one of his lovers and worshippers. God is beautiful. His Son Jesus Christ is the most amazing person. The whole of Creation was made to display his wonder, his goodness, his glory and his grace. He is right there with you even as you are reading these words, closer than you can imagine.

Jesus said: 

Whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become a spring of water welling up to eternal life

I believe it. It's true. That's what this blog is about.